“Are Wedding Planners a luxury for the Rich & Famous or a necessity for the Budget-Bride?”

Why should we hire a Wedding Planner/Wedding Coordinator?

Planning a wedding is extremely fun and rewarding but it can also be intimidating and overwhelming if you don’t get the right support and direction.

One of the fastest growing reasons for hiring a wedding planner is the trend of professionals who have to work long hours and maintain a busy social life. There is simply not enough time to plan one of the most important days of your life.

Just as behind a successful business there are various departments that play their role in order to make that business the success that it is, we also have a star team. Their functions focus on, among other things, operations, marketing, research, purchasing, design etc. Each of whom continuously powers through challenges and passions of their bringing to the table own expertise.

Additionally, Wedding Planners have valuable contacts within the industry who give them discounts and benefits which would not otherwise be available to just anyone.

Statistics show that it is estimated that the “average” wedding takes between 350-450 hours to just organize. The amount of time invested after this then largely depends on the complexity of developing the wedding’s themes and, of course, on previous experience. Then the task of knowing where and who to go to when it comes to suppliers, vendors and venues can be daunting. As expected, finding the ‘right one’ can easily get tiring and frustrating, not to mention then reviewing and negotiating all the fine details.

Your wedding is extremely important to us and due to our experience and expertise, along with supplier’s relations from all around the world; we are able to plan and execute your special day to perfection, leaving you to be the star of the show, while your planner works behind the scenes making your dreams come true.

How does the process work at Scarlett Weddings?

First, you would be invited to a complimentary consultation where we discuss your dreams and ideas. Based on this, we would explain how we can help you plan, design and execute your dream wedding. Shortly after you would be considering our individual service offer and should you be happy to follow up on our offer, we would then invite you back for a more in-depth meeting. At this meeting we will pin down all important dates in our diaries and go over the planning process in further detail.

Depending on your service package, we will meet face to face numerous times leading up to the wedding to touch base on the progress of things and to discuss any concerns or changes. Keeping you up to date, we will keep in contact via email, text and phone to with each other – possibly more than you will with your future husband!

Our record to date holds 729 emails between one of our wedding coordinators and the bride, so that should give you an idea of how close we often become with our brides.

You will quickly notice how naturally things will fall into place. You will always be kept up to date with what is currently being worked on, what has been accomplished, and what ends are yet to be tied. Most importantly, you decide what form of communication suits you best and what shape of planning and management you are comfortable with, then we will simply continue from there.

What happens if my wedding planner gets sick or injured before my wedding day?

Wedding planners are in general one of the most dedicated professionals out there. Ours LOVE their job and would not miss the Big Day for anything! Not even mentioning all of the hard work that they have put in for months leading up to this day, trust us, the actual wedding day is our key moment, the day everything comes together and we finally get to see our couples as husband and wife. Say no more – we await and anticipate this day just as much as our brides do.

Should for some unfortunate reason this happen (fingers crossed), Scarlett Weddings cooperates and holds close associate contracts with other professional wedding coordinators in Stockholm, as well as in London, that we would not hesitate to pick up the phone to. If we possibly are able to function even partially (ie. broken leg), we would not handover our wedding folder to another wedding planner simply as is but would work together as a team, acquiring the assistance needed.

In any instance, this would never be unknown to you. Like with everything else that is of utmost importance to you, we will always keep you updated as a matter of priority. Always.

My reception venue has a venue wedding coordinator; do I still need to hire a wedding planner?

Simply put: Yes! A venue coordinator works for the venue. Their job is to answer your questions about the venue and assist you with your layout and possibly the tasting. It is not their job to assist you with all of the details that go into planning your big day.

A certified wedding coordinator, on the other hand, is someone who will be contacted by yourself if they want the reassurance of a professional managing and handling all their wedding arrangements from the beginning, during the planning process and on the wedding day itself to ensure everything goes smoothly to plan.

As a wedding planner our loyalty is to you. Our job is to assess what level of service you need, understanding your vision and bringing it into reality and, essentially, execute your dream wedding!

Do I need a wedding planner even though my family and friends have offered to help?

Yes, even though our families and friends have good intentions, your loved ones deserve to enjoy the day as much as you do and not spend it stressing and working. Certified wedding coordinators are professionals with years of experience and expertise.

You would not want to leave the most important day of your life into the hands of someone inexperienced, no matter how much you love them. You only have one shot getting it perfect!

How frequently can I contact my wedding planner?

Our phone rings daily and when you leave us a voicemail message, expect us to call you back within 2 hours. Emails are checked throughout the day, however we generally respond twice a day; am and pm. For any urgent matters we naturally respond promptly. Our office hours are 09.00-17.00 Monday – Friday.

For emergencies during out of office hours and weekends you will always have a 24/7 hotline available exclusively for Scarlett Weddings brides only.

How do I become an intern in your office?

Our team holds interviews and brings in interns based on the party schedule and subsequent staffing needs. An internship period at Scarlett Weddings is typically 12 weeks but we welcome students who can only be with us a slightly shorter time period during the summer. Resumes can be submitted at anytime to info@scarlettweddings.se and will be kept on file for consideration for up to 6 months.

I would love to work for Scarlett Weddings. How do I get hired?

Although we are not currently hiring, we welcome resumes at all times. Please feel free to submit your information to info@scarlettweddings.se. All resumes are kept on file for consideration for up to 6 months.

How can I get started in event planning? What should I do to prepare for this career?

The best place to start is with an organisation where you can learn the event industry in general and see what goes on behind the scenes at events. Here are some ideas:

1) Perhaps this could be an internship or job in hospitality or with a décor rental company. This is often a fantastic view into events and weddings!

2) Finding a position where you will be able to experience the reality of the hours (which are often 7 days a week!), event setup and/or work the events in any capacity to see how it all comes together is key!

3) Don’t be afraid to take a position with a quality caterer or hotel where you can work large events on a regular basis. Even answering the phones in the catering office can introduce you to some fantastic vendors and challenge you to learn how to problem solve for events. These are great learning opportunities and the experience gained will be invaluable!

“I will just keep day dreaming about my wedding and let my wedding planner do all the work…”